Unit Size Unit Sample This unit will hold:
5w X 10d X 8h
(50 sq. ft.)
(400 cu. ft)
Unit-sizes Similar to a Walk-in Closet Ideal for storing small amounts of furniture. Those extra boxes, yard items, or keepsakes that are cluttering up your garage
10w X 10d X 8h
(100 sq. ft.)
(800 cu. ft.)
Unit-sizes Small Bedroom Ideal for storing a typical 1 bedroom apartment. Store your extra furniture while staging your home for a move or moving your student home for the summer.
10w X 15d X Bh
(150 sq. ft.)
(1200 cu. Ft.)
Unit-sizes 3/4 of a One Car Garage Ideal for storing a typical 2 bedroom apartment or house. Great to clear out that space in the garage and made room for your car.
10w X 20d X 8h
(200 sq. ft.)
(1600 cu. ft.)
Large Garage Ideal for storing a larger 3 or 4 bedroom house. Also great for contractors to store their tools and clear out the garage at home!


We are a family owned company and have brand new and modern storage rooms for rent for individuals and companies.


Address: 6798 US 322, Franklin, PA 16323-8052.
Phone: 814-671-4716
Email: mdkjirwin@gmail.com


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