322 Storage Station


Make a list of all the packing materials you’ll need.

  • Boxes
  • Moving blankets ( old blankets and towels)
  • Bubble Wrap
  • Packing tape
  • Labels and markers
  • Packing peanuts
  • OLD newspapers

Make a list of items you’re storing while packing to remind you of what is in storage, which box an item is in, and where it is in the unit (front, back, under the dresser, etc). Use your camera to document your storage unit with pictures and/or video

To keep your items off the cement, use 2” x 4”’s, pallets, or plywood, etc.

Use any freestanding shelving to help organize your unit.

Use empty furniture drawer for extra storage.

Use mattress protectors to fully preserve your mattresses.

Use higher quality storage boxes that you know are pest-free, especially for clothing and other home goods.

Use smaller boxes for heavier items and DON’T overpack – they will be harder to carry if you overpack.

Big boxes are great for lighter items like pillows, towels and comforters.

Stack boxes with heavier ones on the bottom.

Leave a walkway through the center enabling you to easily move around the unit and easily access your items.

Help prevent glass and mirrors from breaking by making an X on the surface with masking tape

Any appliances need to be clean and dry before going into storage.

NO food items

NO toxins or flammables

The units are in a country setting so you may want to consider using a rodent control product.



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